Consolidated Guarantee For Structural Waterproofing

The SWS consolidated Guarantee that gives peace of mind to surveyors, specifiers and project managers. There’s now a way of providing a complete and unified guarantee for all the structural waterproofing on a building or structure.

If you ask us to look at certain areas or packages of your structural waterproofing requirements, we can now provide a supervisory and inspection service that will provide a single point of contact guarantee across all areas of structural waterproofing – whether we’ve installed it or not. This guarantee will cover waterproofing for the entire below ground structure – including non-movement and flexible joints to slabs and wall, pipe and cable entries, lift shafts, day joints etc. With no need to have separate guarantees from groundwork companies and other sub-contractors, our guarantee can cut down hugely on the admin at the start of a contract and importantly; it provides the building or structure’s ultimate owner with a simple way of sorting out any issues at a later date with one single point of contact – No more ‘talk to this company it’s not covered by us’.

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57 tube stations are at risk of flooding.

57 tube stations are at risk of flooding. So what about other structures in London and throughout the UK ?

Waterloo, London Bridge and King’s Cross are among 57 Tube stations that are at risk of being being submerged. Others at risk include; Victoria, Westminster and Leicester Square.

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Flood relief for home owners

Flood relief for home owners-its now government backed. If you’re involved in,or thinking about extending below ground,we can provide reassurance too

Many home owners have seen their building and contents premiums rocket or have been denied cover altogether, The UK’s increasingly stormy weather cost insurers more than £1.4 billion for the last winter alone. One in six homes in England, around five million in total, may now be at risk of flood, according to the Environmental Agency. The damage isn’t just restricted to older properties – well constructed new build housing can also become a casualty.

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Where is the real water table …

Where is the real water table and a perception of what can cause it to be called potentially variable?

It’s difficult not to talk about a new or existing basement in the same breath without also talking about the local water table. Obviously the word local is key as invariably basements end up in locations which can be entirely unique for many reasons. Soil type, natural drainage, fissures in the ground. These can all combine to fight with the best laid of plans, designs and systems.

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When does 3 become 4 or vice versa?

When does 3 become 4 or vice versa? Waterproofing conundrums and how to simplify them

With grades from 1 – 4 for measuring dryness of the waterproofed basement and with grade 3 being described as dry and grade 4 as very dry you may be forgiven for asking what the difference is, and how dry is dry and why you might want to ask?

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Why choosing a Structural Waterproofing

Why choosing a Structural Waterproofing expert is critical – at Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd we understand the entire building envelope

Whatever the structure type, at some point the issue of structural waterproofing will need to be considered. Although mostly concerned with out of sight areas and below ground; all areas of a structure need to be carefully considered when it comes to effectively sealing against water and other possible contaminants.

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Structural Waterproofing

Structural Waterproofing from domestic through to infrastructure &industrial situations -and across the entire construction envelope

Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd (SWS) provide complete structural waterproofing, damp proofing, chemical and pollution containment solutions for all types of buildings and infrastructure.

With professional engineers, surveyors and skilled installation technicians they work in partnership with clients such as Civil Engineering Companies, Architects, Builders, Housing Developers, Structural Engineers, Sub Contractors or Main Contractors to achieve reliable results and to the highestindustry standards. Their clients highly value their level of skills and quality workmanship. SWS provide solutions in some of the most demanding conditions and environments;providing design, installation and inspection services to meet their clients exacting standards, demands and needs.

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