Structural Waterproofing

Structural Waterproofing from domestic through to infrastructure &industrial situations -and across the entire construction envelope

Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd (SWS) provide complete structural waterproofing, damp proofing, chemical and pollution containment solutions for all types of buildings and infrastructure.

With professional engineers, surveyors and skilled installation technicians they work in partnership with clients such as Civil Engineering Companies, Architects, Builders, Housing Developers, Structural Engineers, Sub Contractors or Main Contractors to achieve reliable results and to the highestindustry standards. Their clients highly value their level of skills and quality workmanship. SWS provide solutions in some of the most demanding conditions and environments;providing design, installation and inspection services to meet their clients exacting standards, demands and needs.

Using the latest time saving, reliable and proven solutions

SWS are skilled at working with many of the world’s leading waterproofing and sealing technologies. They alsouniquely have access to some of the most advanced award winning membranes, water-stops and coating technologies available from Germany and Switzerland. They have close relationships with several manufacturers who can further add value to theirin depth technical expertise.

A full professional and connected service from beginning to end

From initial survey and ground inspection through to carefully considered detailing and system design, they collaborate closely with the client’s design and engineering teams to achieve consistent and reliable – suited and ‘fit for purpose’ solutions. SWS are on hand throughout the construction process to advise on areas like timings of installation of systems and checks on related work connected with the successful sealing of the structure.

More than simply waterproofing

Whether above or below ground and whether water or another series of contaminants need to be kept at bay, the wide variety of systems used by SWS will ensure that the right products are used for the situation. BS8102 makes clear stipulations about level of waterproofing and containment. SWS of coursework to and often exceed these standards.

SWS have expertise in working in industrial and critical infrastructure situations where fluids or contaminated water may need keeping in as well as out.

SWS will work with the client to ascertain and advise on current and potential future possible risks such as rising water tables due to climate or local environmental changes.

Understanding what is being protected

SWS think beyond the building or structure that needs protecting. It may be the things that a structure or building contains that are of high value or critical to a service or business. SWS can help with risk assessment.

As an example; A water pumping station that is insufficiently protected against the elements can fail leading to 000’s being without water. When a switch control room or below ground area containing business critical plant fails, the results can be catastrophic. SWS are there to advise on the best levels of protection both now and for the structures future.

Whatever you are trying to protect and from whatever elements; talk with SWS

From simple basement protection schemes through to multi deck below ground structures in prestige domestic properties and through to tunnelling and other complex infrastructure and industrial settings; SWS have the knowledge and expertise to solve the complex and apparently insurmountable.

The quality of waterproofing systems and products has improved dramatically in the last few years. Newer chemicals, plastics and polymers are all helping to seal structures more effectively and for longer than ever. However, and when fitted incorrectly, they will fail like any that has come before them.

Correct and skilled installation without damaging things like membranes and water-stops is still key to successful sealing. SWS technicians think about what and where they are installing and the risks of damage before products are covered or hidden within the structure.

All work undertaken by SWS is Fully insured and Guaranteed for total peace of mind.

If you’d like an initial discussion with an expert at Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd;contact them on+44 (0) 845 170 0731 or email your details and initial area of

SWS Ltd. Are members of The Basement Waterproofing Association.