Why choosing a Structural Waterproofing

Why choosing a Structural Waterproofing expert is critical – at Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd we understand the entire building envelope

Whatever the structure type, at some point the issue of structural waterproofing will need to be considered. Although mostly concerned with out of sight areas and below ground; all areas of a structure need to be carefully considered when it comes to effectively sealing against water and other possible contaminants.

At Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd we specialist in dealing with all kinds of structures whether below or above ground.We cover domestic, commercial, industrial, civil or utilities situations.












Our complete service and consultancy offers advice, design and installation by trained on system technicians.

SWS are used to dealing with structures in challenging and extreme environments and use the latest technologies that will deal with current conditions and adapt to unpredictable changes in climate, water table or pollutants.

Our extensive areas of structural waterproofing and sealing work cover:

  • Basements from simple one floor to multi deck designs in prestige domestic settings
    • Green roof design and sealing
    • Effective sealing and waterproofing of joints in concrete
    • Cementitious and other slurry based coatings


  • Industrial locations and works
    • Sealing of tanks and bunds
    • Holding pens and areas
    • Chemical containment in holding areas to prevent contamination of water table
    • Polyuria systems for chemical holding tanks


  • Utilities
    • Reservoir sealing
    • Sewer and main drainage sealing in urban and rural locations
    • Water channel design and sealing
    • Effective sealing of plant rooms and pumping stations


  • Civil works
    • Tunnelling and related sealing
    • Railways
    • Highways
    • Bridges
    • General infrastructure

All design and installation work undertaken by SWS Ltd is carried out to BS8102 by qualified personnel.

All work is guaranteed for both materials and installation failure by a full industry backed insurance scheme. This can be extended to cover sequential loss for commercial situations if required.

Getting professional and correct advice is critical to the successful sealing of a structure. Whatever area of the structural envelope you have responsibility for and whether you are an:

  • Architect
  • Structural Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Specifier
  • Main or Sub Contractor
  • General builder
  • Civil Engineering Business
  • Utilities company
  • Home owner

Ge in touch with your requirements.

If you’d like an initial discussion with an expert at Structural Waterproofing Services Ltd; contact us on +44 (0) 845 170 0731 or email your details and initial area of interest:info@swservicesltd.com.

SWS Ltd. Are members of The Basement Waterproofing Association.