Below & Above Ground

Expert advice and installation: Waterproof Membranes, Waterstops/Injection Systems - Cementitious Coatings, Cavity Drain Systems and Concrete Repair

The best solutions for above and below ground – working with partners we trust and that provide the latest industry leading technologies and connected thinking

Waterproof membranes

We recommend and install a range of membranes from leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Many of the membranes we can supply are unique to us. Our engineers design using technologies they understand. Our technicians are trained on all the membranes that SWS install.

From tried and tested Bentonite membranes through to the latest technologies from Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Many of the newer systems that we supply and install are active and can adapt to changing environments.

Cementitious coatings

We work with a number of products and will work with you, your engineers & designers to supply the ‘right for purpose’ solution. Improved technology means that greater flexibility and crack covering is now available with many products. Our engineers are expert on advising on suitability of use in areas such as; residential, industrial and utility locations.

Water-stops and injection hoses

We fit systems from several manufacturers for use in movement and non-movement concrete joints. We provide technical advice and design detailing for injection hose installation for immediate use or for remedial injection at a potentially later stage if required. We also work with and offer a wide range and the installation of expanding sealing technologies and Hydrophilic solutions. SWS are expert at advising on the correct sealing of both in-situ and pre-cast concrete. We can also advise on systems that will withstand chemical or other contaminant attack.

Drainage Systems

Our design engineers can advise on drainage systems that permanently prevent soil, backfill material and water from contact with the concrete structure. High-quality drainage systems are also used as an effective permanent solution which provides pressure-resistant protection for a waterproof membrane sealing system. SWS fit high quality solutions to ensure years of trouble free service.

Concrete Repair

Whatever your requirements we can offer a range of solutions and stabilisation processes. Concrete repair can require complex answers and we are happy to advise an all aspects of repair, resin injection and other solutions.

NHBC requirements: Within the UK we only fit and supply products and technologies that are BBA approved for use in residential and domestic situations. The NHBC requirements are now that any waterproofing systems installed should be BBA approved so that it can be covered by any guarantee or warranty - this applies to new build or conversion properties.

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