BS8102 classifies basement construction as follows:

Type A: Tanked and membrane protection
Type B: Structurally integral protection
Type C: Drained protection

BS8102 also defines three levels of protection:

Grade 1: Seepage and damp patch tolerable
Grade 2: No seepage but vapour tolerable
Grade 3: A completely dry environment

At SWS we will work closely with you at the inception and initial structure design stage to get a full understanding of the structures intended use and operating environment and the levels of protection required. We always design with BS8102 in mind to provide the correct for use and purpose solution. Our system designers will work collaboratively with the other design professionals in your project team.


SWS Ltd provide Architects, Design Professionals, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors and many others involved in Construction design advice on waterproofing below grade structures. Our design office will produce detailed drawings as required for the successful completion of a project. SWS Ltd have the expertise to design all types of basement systems from inception through to completion. Whether your needs are below or above ground - including Green roofs, Podium decks, we can supply you with a design solution that is both economic and fit for purpose and that works in harmony with the rest of the structure.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements and the structures intended use


Our comprehensive range of structural waterproofing solutions encompass the whole building and structural envelope both above and below ground. The technologies we offer include traditional bentonite-based, cementitious and the latest technology PVC and component systems.

Over the past 34 years, we have consistently provided high efficacy waterproofing solutions. All of our products have been thoroughly tried and tested and conform to harmonised European Standards where applicable. A number of our products also carry further independent accreditation such as the BBA certification giving our clients further peace of mind when choosing a suitable solution.

For more information on particular technologies and their application please CONTACT US

Inspection and Supervision of your project

At SWS offering a quality result that you are confident to sign off on is paramount. All our projects have trained onsite supervisors who carry out continuous inspections and adequate supervision on the project and as the job evolves. All projects have key staged sign off points up to and including leaving a tidy site. Whatever the project size, we have the capacity to assist you with the same continuous levels of service and quality installation.

Please CONTACT US for details of our project management and supervision processes.

Insured and Guaranteed work

Many of the products we use are designed to have a working life of up to 80 years. All the products and systems we use are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years and in most cases 25 years or more.

Our design and installation work is fully guaranteed and we can also - and in addition - provide various insurance backed guarantees should these be required. If you would like to discuss what type and level of cover you might require in whatever your capacity, please get in touch with us.

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