Consolidated Guarantee For Structural Waterproofing

The SWS consolidated Guarantee that gives peace of mind to surveyors, specifiers and project managers. There’s now a way of providing a complete and unified guarantee for all the structural waterproofing on a building or structure.

If you ask us to look at certain areas or packages of your structural waterproofing requirements, we can now provide a supervisory and inspection service that will provide a single point of contact guarantee across all areas of structural waterproofing – whether we’ve installed it or not. This guarantee will cover waterproofing for the entire below ground structure – including non-movement and flexible joints to slabs and wall, pipe and cable entries, lift shafts, day joints etc. With no need to have separate guarantees from groundwork companies and other sub-contractors, our guarantee can cut down hugely on the admin at the start of a contract and importantly; it provides the building or structure’s ultimate owner with a simple way of sorting out any issues at a later date with one single point of contact – No more ‘talk to this company it’s not covered by us’.

For you as the Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor or specifier, it cuts down on your admin workload. Tying guarantees up and establishing liabilities and limits wastes time and creates potential headaches when trying to establish fault and responsibility limits, even before a problem may exist. We live in a risk averse world, but it doesn’t have to be complicated one.

Why not get in touch to discuss how we can help with not only design and installation of the latest waterproofing systems, but also with providing a guarantee that covers all the below ground waterproofing and sealing work. Even when we haven’t installed it.